SàT progress note 2019-W42

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a short progress note this week, I've mainly been working on building the Cagou Android apk with Python 3, so I've did the last bit of Python 3 porting. The port went well, thanks to the great tools done by the python-for-android, and I could remove some Android specific hacks. More important, there was a nasty bugs with Python 2 on the open method which is gone, and some crashes disappeared (notably when changing orientation). Cagou is considerably more stable on Android.

I'm now working on usability, as there are a couple of small things missing which make the overall experience painful.

I need to add a way to go back in history in chat widgets (I'm not sure yet if I'll go with an infinite scroll or if I'll add a button for a user action), and a summary widget with last active chats would be nice. I'm also looking to add Cagou in the share menu (it would be nice to do that on desktop too). Also the back button should have better behaviour, and go up to a home widget (either the future summary widget, or the widgets selector).

The welcome screen (where we select a profile/create an account) is not user friendly yet, I'm not sure if I'll work on this this week, but it's on my short term TODO list.

So I'm working on Cagou and Android at the moment. I have also some stuff planned for Libervia, we'll see next week how it went.


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