SàT progress note 2019-W41

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Hi everybody,

I've skipped the progress notes for a couples of weeks because I've been working on the same thing for a long time (writing documentation for jp + porting it to asyncio), it was making no sense to repeat this every week, and also because I've been seriously lacking time lastly due to events in my private life.

This week I've had absolutely no time to work on SàT, I could only update the instance running https://www.goffi.org and https://salut-a-toi.org to the dev version (i.e. on Python 3). One visible change is the performance boost when using tickets: retrieving tickets and building the page was previously taking ages, and the issue has been found and fixed.

Let's summarize some of the changes I've done while being silent on the blog:

  • jp, The CLI frontend of SàT is now fully documented. That means that all the commands (107 commands so far!) are explained with examples; you can check the rendered doc at https://salut-a-toi.org/documentation. This was the most time consuming task during the last weeks, really boring to do, but necessary. I hope it will help people to use the full potential of this tool.

  • also jp is now using asyncio, and some issues preventing to use an other bridge than D-Bus have been fixed. In other words, you can now use a bridge like pb (Twisted's Perspective Broker) instead of dbus. This has been requested by people using jp on servers where installing D-Bus was not desired, pb being natively supported by Twisted and then SàT, it's working without any extra dependencies (but D-Bus is still the default and recommanded bridge in most cases).

  • Many more or less small improvments have been done to jp and SàT during this process. Some commands options have been updated.

  • There are now 2 themes for jp, for light or dark background. You can specify the background using background option in [jp] section of sat.conf. Before that, jp was barely readable on light background. I still need to do something similar for Primitivus.

  • If not specified, jp will automatically detect the background colour of the terminal where it runs. I've discovered that it was possible to do that thanks to a ticket I've randomly found reported for vim and neovim: there is an ANSI escape code returning the RGB value of background colour on compatible terminal, this is really useful.

  • A long awaited feature: jp is now prompting for profile password if it is needed and not specified in arguments. This is better for security as the password is not visible anymore on the screen, in your shell history, or in your processes lists.

  • Thanks to TLS fixes in latest Twisted version (19.7.0), I could remove the code working around the issues. Twisted required minimal version is now 19.7.0.

  • last but not least, I've fixed an issues during launch of SàT backend, Libervia, and SàT Pubsub which could result in ReactorAlreadyInstalledError when they were all installed in the same Python environment.

That's it. With the new documentation and some usability fixes like background detection, I think jp is now very usable, and I hope people will give it a try. It's a tool particularly useful when working a lot in terminal (to send or upload a file for instance), or if you want to do scripting with XMPP. XMPP server admins could use it to, for instance, send service messages using ad-hoc command (see examples in documentation), and XMPP dev could use it to inspect PubSub services.

There are several options for next big features in SàT, I'm currently thinking about implementing video calls as I need it, but I may well also work on other tasks first (like improving file sharing).

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